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DSL Speed

Residential DSL speed is up to 728K downloading, compared to typcial dial-up averages of 28 to 32Kcheap dsl free dsl with a 56K modem. In plain language, your average web page will load in a fraction of a second vs. several long aganozing sections. DSL will speed your internet connection 4 to 20 times faster than your standard dial up connection. Downloading those larger audio and video files with file sizes at 1 MB or more will take under 30 seconds for DSL and over 4 minutes with a dial-up connection.

With DSL you get a dedicated connection -- unlike cable modems (which shares a common connection with other area residents which will slow down as more users join the service or log on).
Faster connnections can be attained for a higher service charge or premium business package.